GreenCo Process
Process of GreenCo certification

Registration for GreenCo rating

The company or unit can apply for GreenCo rating through either of the two options as given below:

  • Online Registration through the website ( Click here)
  • or alternatively through registration form to CII by email. (Download registration form)
  • Company will receive a confirmation from CII Godrej GBC validating the official registration for GreenCo rating.
Training program on GreenCo Rating

Post registration, CII-Godrej GBC will conduct a 2-day advanced training program on GreenCo Rating to help the company understand the concepts addressed under GreenCo rating.

Following are the objectives of the training program

  • Impart training & awareness to cross functional team members on GreenCo Rating parameters
  • Share National & Global best Practices and case studies in Green
  • Share best practices and case studies from GreenCo Rated companies
  • Understand the present level of green performance of the unit
  • Identify gaps /short term / long term improvement opportunities jointly with the plant team
GreenCo training program will cover the following eleven modules:

  1. GreenCo rating introduction & methodology
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Water Conservation
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. GHG Mitigation
  6. Waste Management
  7. Material Conservation and Recyclability
  8. Green Supply Chain
  9. Product Stewardship
  10. Life Cycle Assessment
  11. Ecofriendly Environment & Innovation
Handholding visits:

Further to the completion of GreenCo training program, the unit has to submit the required data and documents as per the guidelines of the rating. A detailed questionnaire will be provided to the company to understand the data / documentation requirements. CII will provide the necessary institutional support to the plant team through handholding site visits with the following objectives:

  • Suggest & guide the team for implementing short term improvement measures in green
  • Check & validate the data adequacy under GreenCo guidelines
  • Communicate the gaps to the team
  • Facilitate the unit by networking with service providers wherever applicable
  • Provide offline support to the team in data collection
The progress of the rating exercise will also depend upon the speed of data/document submission by the company. The number of handholding visits required shall vary with the size of the company and nature of operations.

Final site visit and assessment:

Subsequent to the data / document submission to CII, the unit will undergo a site visit assessment for final evaluation. Site visit will be conducted by a team of independent sectorial experts and representatives of CII. The number of assessors will be based on the size of the facility / unit being assessed. The objective of site visit is to validate the data submitted by the company. The assessment team will highlight the company on further opportunities for improvement and the way forward.

Certification and Award of GreenCo Rating:

The assessment team will report their findings to the Judges’ panel which will review and award the rating to the company. The rating is valid for a period of 3 years and at the end of 3 years the company has to apply for re-certification. In the interim period, if the company have improved their performance considerably; they can apply for re –assessment.

Feedback report:

CII will submit a detailed feedback report to the company on the findings of the GreenCo assessment Feedback report will provide the unit

  • Current best practices of the unit
  • Opportunities for further improvement and way forward
  • GreenCo score card in comparison with the best GreenCo unit
Sustenance Review:

There would be an annual sustenance review done through a questionnaire in the next 2 years during the validity period of the Rating. Sustenance review is done to re-validate the rating as well as guide the unit towards improvement. In the interim period, if the unit applies for re –certification, sustenance review may not be required for that corresponding year.

Physical site Visits would attract additional charges of Rs 30,000+ GST

Tentative time line of activities (3 to 5 months)

People involvement on GreenCo rating implementation

GreenCo rating calls for the commitment and involvement of the Top most person of the unit. Experience shows that the Top management driven approach have provided the best results and benefits for the GreenCo rated companies

The implementation of GreenCo requires core team members drawn from various cross functions related to the ten GreenCo pillars.

Typically, the team size shall vary from 10-25 members headed by an overall GreenCo coordinator (senior team member). The owner of the GreenCo Rating is the Plant head / Unit Head. The final report and the results of the rating will be announced only to the Unit head.

Suggested cross functional members to be involved in GreenCo

The overall suggested time frame for GreenCo implementation is about 4 – 5 Months. On completion of the training program by CII, it is suggested that the GreenCo implementation team of the unit meets once a week to review the progress of the action plan. In addition to this, the team might have to spend time for bringing improvements in existing systems /processes, implementing short term measures / projects and data collection

The data submission to CII is only in the form of power point presentations and templates as required by the GreenCo guidelines. Few of the GreenCo parameters such as Green supply chain, product stewardship and LCA, the involvement of corporate team/ central team shall be required along with the plant team.