Benefits of GreenCo Rating
The implementation of GreenCo rating offers the following benefits to companies:

  • Provides multiple Energy, Environmental and Resource conservation benefits
  • Builds world class competitiveness and provides new opportunities for cost reduction
  • Enhances Corporate Green image
  • Helps implement the latest sustainability concepts and global best practices
  • Makes companies future ready to meet stricter environmental needs / regulations
  • Enhances credibility & creates transparency among stakeholders
  • Extensive capacity building with the involvement of cross functional team
  • Helps understand where the company stands compared to peers & competitors
  • Excellent tool for top management to monitor green performance
  • Builds strong long-term roadmap for ecologically sustainable business growth
  • Drives innovation

Facilitates Implementation of New disciplines

  • Green vendor management
  • Sustainable procurement, logistics & packaging
  • Design for Environment
  • End of life management
  • Life cycle environment impact assessment
  • Product Stewardship & toxicity reduction
  • Green building & Biodiversity

GreenCo – How it drives excellence Resource conservation ?